Some of the Centre's Services

The following seminars/workshops are available:

Managing Conflict Efficiently
Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People
Restorative Mediation

Below is the process to access CCRE mediation services:

  1. Download (from the Contact us page) the Mediation Request Form and Mediation Agreement. Fill in the request form and sign the agreement, and then email them to
  2. The Mediation Request Form will be forwarded to the Mediation Coordinator.
  3. The Mediation Coordinator will contact the person/s who has/have requested mediation and briefly outline the process of mediation. The voluntary contribution payment is also discussed as well as any transport or accommodation expenses (if applicable).
  4. The Mediation Coordinator will then contact qualified CCRE mediators depending on location and availability. Impartiality will be upheld in all cases.
  5. Once qualified mediators are identified, they will set up a date for mediation after consultation with all parties. A neutral venue for mediation will also be identified (church, meeting room, online, etc.).
  6. The mediator/s will inform the Mediation Coordinator of the arrangements.
  7. Upon completion of mediation, the mediator/s will send the Mediation Coordinator a logistical and outcome report. Please note that this report will abide by all GDPR requirements and will contain no confidential information.
  • Kindness survey

The objective of this brief online tool is to measure a group’s collective perception about their environment regarding interpersonal and group relations as part of a civility, kindness, and compassion strategy. The survey can be done in schools, churches, and any other team environments.

  • Listening Circles

Before an organisation/team can properly utilise growth tools, the members of the organisation/team need to understand how to better navigate relationships with each other and the people they want to serve. Being aware of how to nurture relationships through the Relational Care Ladder and implementing ‘Circles’ in order to provide safe spaces for growth, belonging, and development are the cornerstones of this programme.

  • Restorative Congregation/Community Programmes (in partnership with C.A.R.E.S. Learning Partnerships)

Restorative Communities Training equips leaders with restorative tools proven to establish a greater sense of belonging and connectedness.

  • Mediation Programme for Children

To be developed

  • The Forgiveness Project exhibition (in partnership with the f word: stories of forgiveness)

The Forgiveness Project believes that by listening to the voices of people who have experienced reconciliation and renewal after trauma and unrest, it is possible to see alternatives to endless cycles of conflict, violence, crime and injustice. The remarkable stories in The F Word aim to do just this.


Third Party Neutral

  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Convening
  • Referral Services

Education & Training

  • General/Public
  • Customised

Custom Clients

  • Individuals
  • Congregations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Businesses
  • Healthcare Organisations