CCR Europe built on values

Centre for Conflict Resolution Europe builds its programs on the following values:

Conflict exists

Conflict inherently exists in the individual; between two or more individuals; between groups of individuals.

We are limited

Conflict inherently exists because each individual is finite and limited by their own perceptions and feelings.


Conflict resolution is necessary because each individual is finite and limited by their own perceptions and feelings.


Individuals in conflict have choices to make, and they make choices, whether or not they realise it.


Conflict can be destructive or constructive. Whether conflict will be constructive is an intentional choice made by the individuals in conflict.

First choice

Every human being has a part of them that desires constructive resolution to conflict, likewise every human being has a part of them that desires destruction. This is the first choice to be made in conflict resolution.


Conflict belongs to the individuals in conflict, whether or not they are part of the group. A conflict does not belong to third parties therefore conflict is best resolved by settlement designed by the individuals in conflict.


Constructive solutions to conflict are desirable because they create value for the individuals in conflict.


Individuals in conflict experience conflict intellectually and emotionally and both experiences must be addressed for resolution to occur.


Individuals in conflict believe the world to be polarised on their issues and therefore value advocacy and do not trust neutrality.


Individual instincts and group survival tactics value advocacy because they believe they can prevail through advocacy.


Neutrals risk being disliked and distrusted by all individuals in a conflict.


Every neutral has biases but subordinates them to the belief that relationships and resolution of conflicts in relationships is more important than any issue.


Conflict resolution is difficult work for all individuals in conflict, including the neutrals, because it requires a choice to resist the natural tendency toward posturing and triumphalism and instead embrace the difficult work of birthing new opportunities, new value—new life.


If conflicts are not resolved, humanity will destroy itself.